Everything began some years ago! German version


In the late autumn 1996 I bought a Friendship22 which was in the winter-storage. At that time I became a proud owner of a sailing boat. But before I could use and enjoy the new toy,  I had to learn a lot for the "Boat Leader's Licences" for the coastline and also for rivers and lakes. Finally this  succeeded under  difficult conditions with snow and ice in the early morning hours of  December 21 1996.


As Michael  was also an absolute beginner of sailing like me, we decided  to use our new boat  on the upper Elbe.  Our choice was the port of Oortkaten.

At the end of March 1997 we could not  wait any longer. We were impatient and our boat was ready to get slipped.

A few brush lines under the waterline and "ready to go"







Minus 5 degrees C -it doesnīt matter- Anhinga was put in the water in Wedel near Hamburg. All jackets and sweaters could not keep off  the freeze and humidity. It was really cold..


Unfortunately a ferry boat (Elbe city jet) came close to us with such big waves that we nearly sunk. A small boat in the early spring is probably ignored. We could hardly hold ourselves on the seats.





Lonely Anhinga lay in the port Oortkaten. All other boats were still in the storage.

But soon the weather became better and we carefully could make our first sailing-experiences 


We wanted to spend the vacation on the Elbe. We believed that it is better to have a visual contact to the coast. The next port is always close.




But - without any  hesitation - we found ourselves in Kiel at the Baltic Sea. Here in  Moenkeberg the weather forecast said 4 beaufort- "Shall we sail to Marstal"?

why not!

more than 6 beaufort - we arrived  in Marstal with a completely empty stomach (the fish do not like to stay hungry as well) 



A few days later the  weather  was fine and so we  made some nice trips with our  Anhinga.


But after three years it became a bit close on the Friendship




In 1999 I secretly  paged through all boating magazines and looked for boats to sale.

The new boat should have enough standing height, a sufficient motorizing and a separate bathroom.  Also very important is a small depth because we love the beautiful places in small bays and harbors.


My dream-boat was to sale on the Mueritz.

A few weeks later we sailed our Gib`Sea 282 to small Danish ports. The new Anhinga has an adjustable keel and only 60cm depth. Itīs wonderful  to drive the boat directly on the beach. We always have much fun with the new ship.





 You can find more pictures on this site !