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Hamburger Hafen

A Round Trip through the Port of Hamburg with more than 70 actual photos!  

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Even if you have a great view on the River Elbe standing on a boardwalk, exploring the port is much more interesting by boat. Many harbour ferries and pleasure boats offer visitors the opportunity to discover  Hamburg by barge. These picture-journey starts west of Hamburg in Blankenese Hamburger Hafen


Süllberg in Blankenese is probably the most famous landmark Süllberg
Walkers love the beautiful sandy beaches at the northern banks of the River Elbstrand
Seemannshöft with the port pilotage station in Finkenwerder Lotsenstation in Finkenwerder
The "Alter Schwede“ is a very big brick with a weight of 217 tons and a range of almost 20 metres and can be admired on the banks of the River Elbe Alter Schwede
The popular „Strandperle“ is located in Övelgönne Die Strandperle in Övelgönne
and is no longer known as an insider-tip Die Strandperle in Övelgönne
Turning off in the Süderelbe, the tour Die Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg
goes to the famous Köhlbrandbrücke Die Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg
where you can also see fishing boats Fischerboot im Köhlbrand
Shortly later you can find the Kattwykbrücke, a 270 m long lift bridge Die Kattwykbrücke
Every two hours the bridge opens for the ships Die Kattwykbrücke
The Container Terminal Altenwerder is very interesting, CTA - Container Terminal Altenwerder
you can watch loading and unloading of vessels CTA - Container Terminal Altenwerder
Our trail leads back through the Köhlbrandbrücke Die Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg
and although the clearance is about 50 m, Containerschiff unter der Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg
a container ship looks very huge under it Containerschiff unter der Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg
Passing the sewage treatment plant Köhlbrandhöft, also known as "bull eggs" Bulleneier - Kläranlage in Hamburg
Back to the main stream of the River Elbe there is the office building "Dockland" located Dockland im Hamburger Hafen
At Docklands the ferry boats stop and a walk on the roof of the building should not be missed,  ´cause there is a wonderful view on the Port of Hamburg Werften in Hamburg
The trip leads downtown, the city warehouse near the Fish Market is an impressive building Neuer Fischmarkt in Hamburg
The skyline of Hamburg is well to be seen from here Skyline des Hamburger Hafens
In the shipyard of Blohm and Voss, there are always


Ein Dock mit Schiff bei Blohm und Voss
interesting ships Ein Dock mit Schiff bei Blohm und Voss in Hamburg
The port of Hamburg has a lot of regular traffic boats Hafenstrasse in Hamburg
and harbor cruises Hafenfähre im Hamburger Hafen
even with paddle-steamers Mississippi Queen im Hamburger Hafen
The fish auction hall at the old fish market, is now a convention centre, Fischauktionshalle
other bars and cafes are located nearby Hamburger Hafen
The new building of the Empire Riverside hotel was finished in 2007 Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg
Now you can already see the old Elbtunnel Der alte Elbtunnel
A walk by foot through the tunnel is always wonderful Alter Elbtunnel
and the vista of this part of the River Elbe also St. Pauli Landungsbrücken
In front of the „Hamburger Michel“ you ca see St. Pauli Landungsbrücken
"Rickmer Rickmers", a museums ship Rickmer Rickmers an den St. Pauli Landungsbrücken und Michel
New buildings in the Port of Hamburg are also good to be seen from here Die St. Pauli Landungsbrücken
The anchorage of the museum ship "Cap San Diego" is called “Überseebrücke” Die Cap San Diego an der Überseebrücke
This ship is very rarely on tour Die Cap San Diego in Fahrt
The musical "The Lion King" also attracts many visitors König der Löwen
The three-master "Mare Frisium" is very often at the mole of the City Sporthafen just behind the Kehrwieder Spitze Mare Frisium vor der Kehrwieder Spitze
Construction of the Elbphilharmonie! Elbphilharmonie
Coming with your own boat, you are welcome in the City Sporthafen Hamburger City Sporthafen
and there you can decide whether walk by foot or take one of the port barges Hamburger City Sporthafen
for exploring Hamburg Feuerschff im Hamburger City Sporthafen
Walking up the pier you are at Baumwall Baumwall in Hamburg
on the board-walk to Landungsbrücken Die St. Pauli Landungsbrücken
where you can have a wonderful look at


City Sporthafen Hamburg
the City Sporthafen


City Sporthafen Hamburg
there is the inland port with many 


bridges, which lead to the famous Speicherstadt


Binnenhafen Hamburg
A lot of boat trips are offered here,


Die Hamburger Speicherstadt
a good idea if you want to see the whole beauty of


Die Hamburger Speicherstadt
the Speicherstadt


Die Hamburger Speicherstadt
Also very interesting


Die Hamburger Speicherstadt
is the


Die Hamburger Speicherstadt
development of


the Hafencity,


Hafencity Hamburg
where a lot of new houses are completed yet 


Die Hamburger Hafencity
At the Magellan Terraces visitors can relax as well


Die Hamburger Hafencity
as at the Marco Polo terraces


Die Hamburger Hafencity
The monument of „Störtebeker“ guards the Hafencity


Störtebeker Figur
From the Viewpoint


Viewpoint in der Hafencity
the Port of Hamburg


Viewpoint in der Hafencity
is very good to be observed


Many construction projects are still in development are still ready,


Hafencity Hamburg
such as the Traditional Port


Der Traditionshafen Sandtorkai
Who does not like to walk by foot, can also take a ride on one of the numerous tour-busses through the forest of cranes


Stadtrundfahrt in der Hafencity
The miniature wonderland is currently a


Miniatur Wunderland
very popular destination in the Speicherstadt


Miniatur Wunderland
Finally you can make a walk to the „Deichstrasse“ with its beautiful historic buildings


Deichstrasse in Hamburg

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